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The Mati Envelope
"...an interesting tool to have in your arsenal. It does exactly what the ad says. I'm sure many performers will find this a welcome addition to routines they already do."
- Greg Arce (USA)
"Very clever concept..."
                    - Pablo Amira (Chile)
"In a word: brilliant!"
                    - Jan Forster (Germany) 
"Elegant and compelling!"
- Dr. Todd Landman (UK)
“This is extremely clever and highly recommended for all working mentalists.“
                                            - Jheff (USA)
I'm impressed - a fine device and very deceptive. I certainly recommend this.“
- Tony Razzano (USA)
"Really great!!! ...all the nuances make the Mati something very special indeed. The Mati Envelope really is a keeper!" 
- Stefan Olschewski (Germany)
"Wow...! Well constructed, practical - I wish I had thought of it!"     
- Peter Turner (UK)
"...an easy and very clever device to create amazing routines!" 
                        - Luca Volpe (Italy)
"Really clever!
A great tool! Versatile and devilish - Kudos!!“             
    - Thomas Heine (Germany)
“Bravo, bravo, bravo - it is brilliant, and I will use it!“
            - Elio Alexander De Grandi (Italy)
Key Features
    •    Performer never touches the paper
    •    Spectator herself seals the envelope shut
    •    Envelope remains in the spectator's hand
    •    In the end, the spectator opens the envelope herself, taking out her card
    •    Billet and Envelope are always in plain sight
    •    No switches
    •    No 'pads' or 'boards'
    •    No 'writing surface' whatsoever
    •    No sneaky moves
    •    No sleights
    •    100% invisible peek
    •    Can be performed (almost) surrounded
    •    95% fully visible peek area
    •    Completely clean ending
    •    Spectator can keep paper and envelope as souvenirs
    •    Adaptable tool for many routines
The Mati Envelope is a brandnew envelope peek system which allows (not only) for an extremely
clean and devious peek of any information written on an untouched slip of paper, sealed shut into a completely opaque envelope! Everything is done slowly and in plain sight - yet you still obtain a full stealth peek...
But there‘s even more to the The Mati Envelope...
It is one of those rare envelopes that can be used when a peek alone is not enough, e.g. when you need to hand out everything immediately and even have the audience themselves tear their envelope open afterwards.
Imagine the possibilities The Mati Envelope offers in the classic Three Envelope Test, for Pre-Show work, Q&A, Drawing Dupes or Pseudo Psychometry...

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Completely invisible and devious peek!
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Clever out-of-the-box thinking!
Clear and concise step-by-step 
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